CBSE Class 10 Science paper tomorrow; check last minute exam tips

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct the class 10 Science board exam 2019 on March 13. Science is one of the most important subjects for class 10 students. Those students who wish to make their career in the fields of Medicine and Engineering should be more focused towards this subject.

If you have studied the whole year with proper planning and full dedication there is nothing to worry. Just calm your self before the exam and revise important topics.

Prepare a strategy

The questions papers at the exam hall will be distributed 15 minutes prior to the exam time. Use these 15 minutes to read all the questions and plan a strategy on how you will attempt the question paper. Consider these points:

1) Read all the questions

2) Mark the ones you can quickly and easily answer

3) Attempt easy questions at first and keep rest of the time to attempt difficult and lengthy ones

4) Don’t panic if you can’t any question. Close your eyes and try to recall what you studied

Last minute tips

1) Read short notes of all chapters

2) In Physics, pay more attention to Magnetic Effect of Current, Electricity and Light
3) In Biology, revise functions of organs

4) In Chemistry, revise all balanced chemical equations