crsorgi Birth Certificate Download/ Search and Verify Online

o download birth certificate online from website, the user has to first login to the portal. Only after that, services like birth certificate verification, searching for reported births in crsorgi and checking the status of same can be done.

If you are new to website, read this article thoroughly to get complete information about official website of Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India. Here, you will learn how to register on this portal and avail its online services in the most lucid manner.

Online Birth Certificate Verification/Search at Website

Before you start searching for the birth certificate of your child, first register on the website using the steps given below:

  • Open the website
  • Click on General Public Signup button
  • Enter the details as shown in the Sign Up Window


  • User Name, Email Id, Mobile Number, Date of Birth, address, and registration unit are some of the details that you will be asked to enter. Click on Register button in the end.
  • Once you do that, a confirmation link along with CRSORGI User ID will be send on your registered email ID. Activate the same by clicking on it.
  • To login, create a Password
  • Now, go to the home page of the website to login with User ID(received via email) and Password( you just created)

So, doing so you are registered on the crsorgi website. Now, you can avail its online services like birth certificate and death certificate registration. In this article, we are focusing on only birth certificate registration.

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Download Birth Certificate of Your Child Online from crsorgi Website

Once you are logged in to the website, focus on the main menu. Move your cursor to the “Birth” option. In the drop down menu, you will get an option “Application Under Submission”. Click on that option.


On your screen, you will see a form where you are required to enter birth details of your child. Date of reporting, gender, date of birth, Father’s name, mother’s name, reference number of the application. Enter all these details and click on Search button in the end.

After entering all details about your child and hitting the Search buttonyou will see complete list of Birth Search Result registered in website. Click on “View” button. The online birth certificate will appear on your screen. Click on “Print” to get a printed copy of the same, instantly.

Track Birth Certificate Application Status

If you have already given an application to register the birth of your child, you can check the application status online. For this, again go to the Application Under Submission option and fill general details of your child birth. Click on Search button to the check the current status of the application.

Doing do, you will get to know how long will it take to reach the birth certificate at your place.

So, this was all about downloading online birth certificate through Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India website Hope it works for you.