Lok Sabha polls cast a shadow on bringing out exam results in time

KOLKATA: The never-before seven-phase poll schedule in Bengal which concludes with the results on May 23 has cast a shadow over the boards examination result dates. The state secondary and higher secondary boards are likely to be worst-hit in the 74-day schedule with most government school teachers will be involved with the electoral process. The Apex court has set a June 10 cut-off date to declare board results.
Both West Bengal Higher Secondary Council and West Bengal Board of Secondary Education are however assuring to publish the examination results for both Class X and Class XII within the first week of June, keeping in mind the apex court deadline of June 10. The reasons are not hard to gauge. In 2018 panchayat elections, when the poll process was completed May 16 the state secondary board results were declared on June 8 and higher secondary results were declared two days later, on June 8. The 2019 Lok Sabha polls will end a week later, on May 23.

Most government teachers take part in the poll process and it starts will their election training much before the actual poll day. Therefore, sources said, the publication of results on time is likely to take a hit due to delay in correcting the answer scripts.

Madhyamik Board, president, Kalyanmoy Ganguly, remained non-committal. “We have just concluded our board examinations. It will be early to predict if this seven-phase polling schedule in Bengal and the May 23 results will lead to any delay in publication of our Class X results. We have not yet decided on the dates. As of now it will be highly speculative to say that the results will be delayed,” Ganguly said.

“Last year after consulting the state government, we had preponed the 2019 class XII examinations by a fortnight,” said WBHSC President, Mahua Das. She added, “We have also distributed the answer scripts of the examinations which were held in the beginning to the examiners. Knowing that there will be a delay, since many of them will be involved in the Parliamentary election duties, this year more time has been allotted to the examiners for correcting answer scripts. We hope to publish the results by first week of June as last year.”

In 2018, the Madhyamik examinations were conducted between March 12 and March 21. This year the dates have been preponed to February 12. “The examiners will get almost an additional 30 days to correct the answer scripts. We hope to publish the results by first week of June, as was done in 2018,” said a source. He added, “A day or two delay may happen. We have abide by the June 10 deadline.”

CBSE principals on the other hand however remained tight lipped on any possibility of delay. “The CBSE 2014 both class X and Class XII results were declared between May 20 and May 29, after election results,” said a principal. The CISCE however is confident to publish results in time. “It is difficult to predict if there will be any delay in publishing results for both ICSE and ISC. One respite for the CISCE is however, none of our teachers are allotted poll duties. Hence, the answer script corrections and digital uploading of marks will be done on time. Now, if the Council decides to publish the results after the election results, it is a matter to be seen,” a teacher said. This has a precedent. The ICSE and ISC 2014 results were published on May 21 while the 2014 Parliamentary election results were declared on May 16. “Since then we had made several technological advancements to immediately publish the marks once uploaded,” the teacher pointed out.
“In 2018, the results were published on May 14. We can only say that the results are delayed if it is published after that date. Till now, the Council has not even sent us any possible date for result publication,” she added.