Udyam Sakhi Portal for Women Entrepreneurs www.udyamsakhi.org

In order to provide better entrepreneurship opportunities to women the Central government has launched new Udyam Sakhi Portal www.udyamsakhi.org. Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises created the UdyamSakhi platform to encourage women entrepreneurs in creating better business model and know the insights of entrepreneurship

The Udhyam Sakhi Portal will introduce women to Business developing the qualities to run the business, understanding the tools, methodologies to set up a project. Udyam Sakhi provides guidelines how to start business through entrepreneurship learning tools and information/ resources available on the portal. Participation of women in entrepreneurship will bring growth to economy and the Udhyam Sakhi will empower them

Features of Udhyam Sakhi Portal

Udhyam Sakhi portal provide information about

  • The first step of entrepreneurship i.e. creating a business plan
  • How to start business
  • How to deal with client and handling the business
  • Methods to be adopt to develop business

Apart from the learning skills the Udhyam Sakhi platform provides information about business and resources that can be consider for your business plan. To start your business you can create account on Udhyam Sakhi portal and network with similar persons.

Registration at Udhyam Sakhi

  • Go to official website of MSME Udhyam Sakhi at www.udyamsakhi.org
  • You will see the registration box on home page
  • Enter your name, date of birth and mobile number
  • Select registration type i.e. student, entrepreneur, investor, incubator or others
  • Enter your E-mail and create password
  • Click on “Create an Account” to register yourself

udhym sakhi registration

Resources at Udhyam Sakhi

  • You can get information about several government MSME schemes for women entrepreneurs like PMEGP, ISEC and MPDA
  • MSME databank to buy products from MSMEs under Public Procurement Policy
  • List of Incubators, investors to help start your business
  • Check list of IPR facilitation centers and understand what are IPRs
  • List of training centres for skill development
  • Get reference copy of project files in various fields

You can register online at Udhyam Sakhi Portal directly from here http://www.udyamsakhi.org/

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